Within the Museum Complex of Natural Sciences Constanţa, starting with 1985, a Microreservation entered the public circuit, which covers an area of ​​about 12 ha, of which 2 ha represent the luster of water with marshy vegetation. This objective was created with the idea of ​​offering visitors a more complex picture of the nature of Dobrogea.

The heritage of this objective has aquatic avifauna (pelicans, swans, wild ducks and wild geese), terrestrial avifauna (peacocks, pheasants) and mammals (mouflons, fallow deer), which are found in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve and Negureni Reserve. Most of these specimens are monuments of nature and rare species with a decreasing representation in natural biotopes.

Some specimens were obtained through exchanges with other zoos and others were purchased or donated. Every year, many specimens belonging to various species (mouflons, fallow deer) have been reproduced and bred in captivity. In 2010, a specimen of the Mongolian horse Equus prijewalsky was brought from Dorici / Bulgaria.

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