Constanta Aquarium

THE AQUARIUM is located on the seafront, right in front of the imposing Constanta Casino. Inaugurated with great pomp on May 1, 1958, the Aquarium of Constanța was for a long time the first and only public institution of this kind in our country.

The building that houses the Aquarium was built in the early twentieth century as an annex of the Casino and functioned as a restaurant until its redevelopment for its current destination. The exhibition space of the Aquarium is intended for the presentation of the permanent exhibition of aquatic fauna and flora, but also for temporary exhibitions with various topics related to biology, aquatic ecology and marine fishing.

Over time, the Aquarium of Constanța has gathered over 100 species of fish and marine life belonging to various geographical areas. Taking into account ecological, biogeographical and taxonomic criteria, the Aquarium is structured in three sections: Marine, Fresh and Exotic Fish.

Constanţa Romania