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IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel is located in Mamaia beach, a resort in the northern part of the Romanian Black Sea Coast, being one of the largest hotels in Mamaia and Romania.

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Phone: +40 241 831 192
Fax: 0241 831 169
E-mail: spa@iaki.ro



  • by plane: Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport
  • by car: DE60
  • by train: Constanta Station

The distances from the main points of reference and attractions of Constanta and

Mamaia are:

  • Mamaia Casino: 1,5 km
  • Mamaia entry: 4,5 km
  • Constanta Railway Train Station: 10 km
  • Casino Aquarium – 18 km
  • Museum of History in Constanta – 16 km
  • Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport – 28 km
  • Otopeni Airport – 250 km


Mamaia 900001 - Constanta, Romania

Phone: +40 241 831 025

Fax: 0241 831 169



Phone: +40 241 831 192

E-mail IAKI Spa Reception Desk: spa@iaki.ro www.iakispa.ro

Beauty Salon IAKI

Phone: +40 241 831 196

E-mail: Beauty Salon Reception Desk: beautysalon@iaki.ro

IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel

Mamaia 900001
Constanta, Romania

From To IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel

COVID-19: PROCEDURES IMPLEMENTED against the risk of COVID - 19 infection

First of all, Iaki Hotel considers the safety of its guests and employees. In order to guarantee the continuity of accommodation activities in strict safety conditions, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health for the management of hygienic-sanitary risk were implemented, as well as a set of additional measures for the prevention and management of epidemiological emergencies with COVID-19:

• The Hotel staff is monitored daily and regular tests are performed on all employees.

• Disinfection stations are installed at the entrances to the hotel, on each floor and at the entrances to the restaurant and SPA, conference rooms.

• There are specific signs for guests about the social distance and an ascent-descent circuit (stickers), posters with proper hand hygiene and its frequency arranged in common areas.

• The use of elevators will be done only if strictly necessary, by a maximum of 2 people at a time (recommended from the same family), who will wear protective masks.

• The personnel performing the cleaning and disinfection operations are properly trained by specialized companies.

• The reception of the Iaki Hotel has at its immediate disposal the telephone numbers of the health authorities, medical centers, public or private hospitals and assistance centers for use whenever


• The reception has a medical kit that includes the following elements: Disinfectant / antibacterial wipes for cleaning surfaces, face masks, disposable garbage bags.

• Arranging the protection panel (plexiglass) at the reception to promote social distance.

IAKI TERRACE & RESTAURANT:It establishes a maximum number of 4-6 people who can occupy a table, who have the same address. A minimum distance of 2 m between adjacent table seat occupants shall be ensured.

Guests will receive at check-in a statement for completion to reduce the risk of illness and a digital thermometer (hotel entrance) will be used to monitor the temperature of the people to be accommodated. If it exceeds 37.3 degrees they will not be allowed access in the unit.

To avoid the risks generated by money manipulation, we encourage payments by electronic means (card, online).

• Guests' cars will not be handled by couriers, they will give directions to the parking lot and will accompany guests only when picking up luggage.

• All common spaces and rooms will be ventilated / ventilated daily.

• Products used for disinfection / cleaning are approved by the Ministry of Health, accompanied by certifications against coronavirus.

• Employees will wear masks and will be constantly informed about the safety measures to be observed.

• Although COVID-19 is not transmitted through the air, but from one person to another through small drops in the nose or mouth when an infected person coughs or exhales, care should be taken, as under normal circumstances, to monitor the condition of the filters and to maintain the appropriate intake air intake dose. The proper operation of the ventilation and air exchange equipment shall be checked.

Everyone's safety comes first! We look forward to your next stay at IAKI!