IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel

Your 4-star hotel in front of The Black Sea

Placed in the heart of the resort, only 20 meters away from the beach, the former Bucharest Hotel was taken over in 1999 by the great Romanian football player, Gheorghe Hagi. Immediately after considerable investments and a modernising program, our Mamaia beach hotel was brought to higher standards. Thus, 2 years later, on the 4th of July, 2001, a brand new 4 stars hotel rose on the map of Mamaia resort - IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel. The excellent setting of IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel in Mamaia with its sea side or lake view, the fine gold sanded beach which is caressed day and night by the sea-breeze, the crystal clear waters of the Black Sea, the relaxing and exclusive atmosphere are only a few elements that transform IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel into a special location amongst hotels in The Black Sea.

Iaki Spa Center will be closed until further informations, due to the pandemic! Thank you for understanding!

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Constanta City Pass

: 8.5 Km
IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel in Mamaia, Romania

Constanta City Pass is an unique attractions pass in Romania, that allows you priority and free access to the most important attractions in Constanta County - Aquarium, Dolphinarium, Planetarium, Microreservation, Museum of History and Archaeology, 2 rides with double decker buses. Price: 21 Euro / Constanta Pass Standard, 12 Euro - Constanta Pass Kids

Every day: 15 June - 15 September, Acces to the tourist attractions will be done according to the hours of activity.

Cruise in the Danube Delta with traditional fish lunch - tour on the large channels

: 126 Km
Dining at IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel in Mamaia, Romania

We shall start an unique adventure to Tulcea, the entrance gate to a magical world - The Danube Delta. During the cruise you will serve a traditional fish lunch. The Delta is the birds’ paradise, rich in abudant flora and fauna (over 300 species of birds), many of which are unique in Europe.

The program includes: Transfer hotel - Tulcea and return, 6 hours cruise in the Danube Delta on a large ship, fish lunch on the ship.

Departures: Thursday and Sunday, 15 April - 15 October

Departure time: 08:00, Duration: 9 hours

Price: 65 Euro / adult, 40 Euro / for child between 5 and 12 years

Tour to Adamclisi and to Saint Andrew Monastery

: 69 Km
Tour to Adamclisi and to Saint Andrew Monastery

Tour to Adamclisi and to Saint Andrew Monastery This tour will lead you to Adamclisi for a visit to "Trophaeum Traiani", an archaeological masterpiece. We shall continue the trip to Saint Andrew cave and monastery, considered the first place of worship in Romania and the start pf the Christianity in Europe.

The program includes: Transfer hotel - Adamclisi - visit to "Trophaeum Traiani" - Saint Andrew cave and return.

Departures: Wednesday and Friday at 08:00, 15 April - 15 October, Duration: 6 hours

Optional: lunch at Saint Andrew Monastery - 14 Euro / person

Price: 26 Euro / adult, 20 Euro / child between 5 and 12 years

Wine tasting at Murfatlar Winery

: 24 Km
Minibar at IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel in Mamaia, Romania

Wine tasting at Murfatlar Winery The story of the Dobrogean wines begins 2000 years ago. You won't truly know Dobrogea unless you visit the Murfatlar winery - either you visit the Wineyard and Wine Museum, either you taste the well known wines or the traditional Dobrogean dishes.

1. Wine tasting with Romanian snack (1 main course):

  • 33 Euro / adult, 23 Euro / for child between 5 and 12 years

2. Wine tasting with lunch (complex menu):

  • 41 Euro / adult, 31 Euro / for child between 5 and 12 years

Departures: 1 May - 15 October

Departure time: 11:30 am, Duration: 4 hours

One day tour on the Bulgarian Seaside

: 130 Km
Bulgarian Seaside

Are you spending a holiday on the Romanian Riviera, but you are also tempted to visit the Bulgarian Seaside? Why not? Visiting Golden Sands resort, the Queen Mary Castle of Balchik and the other attractive Bulgarian resorts, will offer you a wonderful day.

The program includes: Tranfer hotel - Balchik - Queen Mary Castle - Cap Kaliakra - Golden Sands and return.

Departures: Saturday at 08:00, 15 April - 15 September.

Duration: 9 hours

Price: 52 Euro / adult, 49 Euro / for child between 5 and 12 years

Romanian dinner with folkloric show at Nunta Zamfirei Restaurant

: 466 Km
Nunta Zamfirei Restaurant at IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel in Mamaia, Romania

Invitation to a traditional wedding - Romanian cuisine, music and dances, wines and specific Dobrogean atmosphere.

The program includes: Transfer hotel - Eforie Nord- hotel, traditional wedding dinner with folkloric show.

Departures: 15 June - 15 October

Departure time - noon

Price: 36 Euro / adult, 22 Euro / for child between 5 and 12 years

Cruise and fish snack, lunch or dinner on the Ovidiu Island

: 10 Km
Ovidiu Island

After a unique cruise on the Siutghiol Lake, we shall arrive on Ovidiu Island, where we shall serve a delicious fish meal, in the beautiful tranquility of the Island, far away from the noisy life in Mamaia.

The program includes: 1 hour cruise on the Siutghiol Lake, traditional fish meal.

Departures: daily, 01 May - 15 October, Duration: 3 hours

Price: Cruise with fish lunch: 30 Euro / adult, 24 Euro / child between 5 and 12 years

Supplement for transfer from Mamaia - 5 Euro / adult.

Tour to Histria Fortress

: 350 m
IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel in Mamaia, Romania

Visit the Histria Fortress, the first Greek colony on the western shore of the Black Sea and the oldest town in Romania and Histria Museum - which exhibits Greek, Roman and Byzantine archaelogical pieces.

The program includes: Transfer hotel - Histria - visit the Histria Citadel and Museum and return.

Departures: Tuesday, 08:30 am, 15 June - 15 October

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 24 Euro / adult, 19 euro / child between 5 and 12 years

Indoor shooting range in Constanta

: 6.5 Km
Beach near IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel in Mamaia, Romania

Zip Escort Sport and Leisure Shooting Range, the largest and most powerful private shooting range in Romania!

Zip Escort indoor sport and leisure shooting range is a space dedicated to both professionals and those who want to learn and practice recreational shooting using either lethal guns and air rifles!

The shooting range is equipped with automatic mobile targets arranged on 8 shooting alignments that enable secure moving and stopping on a desired distance: 8 m, 10 m, 15 m, 20 m or 25 m. Also, the shooting alignments are secured with walls made of approved blocks of ballistic rubber, protecting participants upon shooting, and anti-rebound panels that separate each alignment in part, a high-performance ventilation system to ensure the good functioning of the shooting session and, not least, of a lighting system designed specifically for this activity.

Shooting Packages starting from 17 Euro / person.

Transport and special offers for shooting packages for organised groups of minimum 8 persons.

Horse riding Mangalia

: 58.7 Km
Beach near IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel in Mamaia, Romania

The program includes a presentation of the Mangalia Stud and a safe and exciting ride for both novice riders, and children. Ride durations may be shorter or longer, depending on experience and talent of the riders. All horses are chosen for their behavior and their friendly attitude. The program includes: Transfer Hotel - Mangalia (stud) and return, visits presentation, 5 minutes riding / person (recommended for beginners), instructor, equestrian festivities.

Departures: Daily, between 15 May to 15 September

Price: starting at 30 lei / person

IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel

Pool at IAKI Conference & Spa Hotel in Mamaia, Romania

Mamaia 900001
Constanta, Romania

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COVID-19: PROCEDURES IMPLEMENTED against the risk of COVID - 19 infection

First of all, Iaki Hotel considers the safety of its guests and employees. In order to guarantee the continuity of accommodation activities in strict safety conditions, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health for the management of hygienic-sanitary risk were implemented, as well as a set of additional measures for the prevention and management of epidemiological emergencies with COVID-19:

• The Hotel staff is monitored daily and regular tests are performed on all employees.

• Disinfection stations are installed at the entrances to the hotel, on each floor and at the entrances to the restaurant and SPA, conference rooms.

• There are specific signs for guests about the social distance and an ascent-descent circuit (stickers), posters with proper hand hygiene and its frequency arranged in common areas.

• The use of elevators will be done only if strictly necessary, by a maximum of 2 people at a time (recommended from the same family), who will wear protective masks.

• The personnel performing the cleaning and disinfection operations are properly trained by specialized companies.

• The reception of the Iaki Hotel has at its immediate disposal the telephone numbers of the health authorities, medical centers, public or private hospitals and assistance centers for use whenever


• The reception has a medical kit that includes the following elements: Disinfectant / antibacterial wipes for cleaning surfaces, face masks, disposable garbage bags.

• Arranging the protection panel (plexiglass) at the reception to promote social distance.

IAKI TERRACE & RESTAURANT:It establishes a maximum number of 4-6 people who can occupy a table, who have the same address. A minimum distance of 2 m between adjacent table seat occupants shall be ensured.

Guests will receive at check-in a statement for completion to reduce the risk of illness and a digital thermometer (hotel entrance) will be used to monitor the temperature of the people to be accommodated. If it exceeds 37.3 degrees they will not be allowed access in the unit.

To avoid the risks generated by money manipulation, we encourage payments by electronic means (card, online).

• Guests' cars will not be handled by couriers, they will give directions to the parking lot and will accompany guests only when picking up luggage.

• All common spaces and rooms will be ventilated / ventilated daily.

• Products used for disinfection / cleaning are approved by the Ministry of Health, accompanied by certifications against coronavirus.

• Employees will wear masks and will be constantly informed about the safety measures to be observed.

• Although COVID-19 is not transmitted through the air, but from one person to another through small drops in the nose or mouth when an infected person coughs or exhales, care should be taken, as under normal circumstances, to monitor the condition of the filters and to maintain the appropriate intake air intake dose. The proper operation of the ventilation and air exchange equipment shall be checked.

Everyone's safety comes first! We look forward to your next stay at IAKI!